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Free Powerful Website Tester

Badboy is a free and powerful web development application created by Badboy Software. It is a software testing tool designed to help you test and develop complex and dynamic online websites without having to strain yourself from complicated work. You can buy a site license of Badboy for your company or business and get more enhanced features and prioritized customer support. 

Lots of Options

Software testing is an unavoidable part of an application’s life. Even with those already released, developers still need to check on them from time to time. The same is much more important with websites because of how much digital traffic they get, especially those loved by people. Annoying bugs and glitches always tend to get into the system so you’ll have to routinely do check-ups on websites just to make sure they’re always running their best. There are numerous steps to doing such a thing, especially when the website is still up for public use. More, there are various types of software testing that you can use to check on various parts of the website’s features.

The most common testing process is the anomaly test. This process includes running scripts on the website to see if there are errors that would need fixing. These errors can range from wrong things being delivered to a user to major site crashes because it just couldn’t handle that much data being loaded into it. Due to the variety of tests that you can do, web development tools and testing tools have been created to help lessen the manual labor.  Some of these run specific scripts or even launch specific tests on websites. Others are fully-fleshed out web development programs that merely have the testing phase integrated into their features. Whichever the case, there’s bound to be a software that can make your website tests easier to do.

No Hassle

Badboy is one such software. This tool’s specialty lies in automation tests and recording browser activity. It embeds Microsoft's Internet Explorer and monitors and controls its actions for testing and development work. With scripting, you can run different tests with Badboy on any site. You only have to insert their links on the program, and you can start working. You can easily do regression tests and functional testing to various websites, and you can even practice on the sites that Badboy offers you. Badboy can capture and see CGI parameters, pages, and framesets being requested, and modify and replay them at any time without manual intervention. 

This tool can also let you save them as scripts so you can share them with others. It also allows you to capture performance statistics as you browse with its recording function. More so, the app can also regression-test whole areas of complex websites at the click of a button and easily monitor your website for errors and performance problems. Your work gets easier since Badboy has a simple capture-reply and drag-and-drop script creation on its system. This way, you won’t need to waste time typing any commands for the software to do.

For Anyone

All in all, if you need a fluid website tester tool with lots of functionality, Badboy is a top contender. It makes web testing and development easier with the dozens of features it has, and there’s no need to pull out your wallet to get it. While other programs may seem much more powerful, Badboy prides itself on being easily usable by anyone.

Badboy takes the pain out of web development and testing by providing an enhanced browser interface to aid developers and QA staff in building and testing dynamic web based applications.

It combines capture/replay ability with performance testing and diagnosis features, and gives you the ability to construct sophisticated automated regression tests for your web site.


  • Browser activity recording feature
  • Able to drag and drop commands on script
  • Fast reports
  • Can independently run needed scripts


  • Compatibility issues
  • Limited number of test types allowed
  • Crashes sometimes
  • Has a risky .exe file associated with it online

Program available in other languages

Badboy for PC

  • Trial version

  • In English
  • V 2.0
  • 3.8


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